Souq Albuzooriyah – Syria

On my second day in Damascus (last February) I had the grand tour with a local! My friend Sandra was going out of town and she arranged a day trip for me in Old Damascus alleyways with her driver… He is actually from Old Damascus… he knows the alleyways really well – lucky me to have someone like Sandra who arranged for it all AND for Mohammed, my amazing tour guide for taking the time to take me to this tour in the old city – I had a great time that day!

He picked me up from the hotel! We headed to Old Damascus, parked the car outside The Khan (click here, here, and here for a full review of The Khan), and we walked around in the alleys!

We started of with Souk Albuzooriyah (سوق البزورية) – a famous historical market located to the south of Umayyad Mosque. The souq is consisted of different vendors selling all kinds of spices, herbs, herbal medications, handmade soaps, dried fruit, candies, coffees, and much much more!

During my two weeks stay I have visited this market numerous times snapping different pictures each time I go

So it is basically a post FULL of pictures… and as the saying goes; “A picture is worth a thousand words” so let me take you into a virtual tour inside the market 😉 – I tried my best to take pictures in a way that will make you feel you are walking around with me ;-)…. so let’s go shall we?

I bought lots of Za’atar from Albuzooriyah – different kinds too in many colors! They were all so good 😀

Pyramids of spices all around… the colors and the aroma were oh-so-good! I enjoyed my visit to this market every single time!!

Candies… sugar coated, chocolates, liquorice… you name it

Herbs of all kinds with flowers… to make Zuhoorat (زهورات)! You can ask them to custom make one for you or buy they readily packaged ones! I got so many custom-made herbal mixes!!!

Coconut oil!

More herbs

Wonder what this is?

Some weird stuff on display here… like dried crocodile and lizard skins, deer head and skin, turtle shell and more of I don’t know what :S

The variety of items on display is so large… here are some different kinds of henna and wax with soaps and other stuff too


Coffees and tiny coffee machine/grinders

Mate cups (كاسات متة) – we bought plenty of those! They are fun to drink herbal teas with 😉

Different kinds of jams

More dried animal stuff…. here it is mostly from marine life; fish, starfish, seaweeds and more

Ready cut chips! The vendor told us that they only need frying! I didnt get them though

Rock sugar

Handmade soaps with olive (or vegetable) oil base and they came in different fragrances such as sandalwood and rose… and much much more

Different kinds of oil…. here are some snake -oil- based ones!

And snakes’ skin?


Check out the star anise! I love those ❤

More dried marine life

And noooooowwww *SNAP*!!! Back to reality! Go back to work or whatever it is that you were doing 😛 The virtual tour is over 😛 Stay tuned for more on my Syria trip 😛

Special Thanks to Sandra, Amjad, & Mohammed 😉 You guys are beyond sweet you gave me a toothache 😉

4 responses to “Souq Albuzooriyah – Syria

  1. Great post! 😀
    now back to work 😦

  2. lool !! OMG sheno halshya2 ! what is for ! turtle shell and dried crocodile !
    7ag els7oor wel6boob 😛
    zait el7aya shefta felmbarkeya men fatra w re7ta tbe6 elras !
    i enjoyed the tour 😛

  3. LOL @AbaDi …exactly what I thought of:p creepy…but the market looks so nice and clean 🙂

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