Life With Cacao – May Highlight

I was invited to Life With Cacao Highlight – a new initiative taken by the company in an effort to give back to the community as a social corporate responsibility act! They are basically adopting young business owners to showcase their dishes as a featured item of the month on their menu for two weeks each month!

I went ahead and accepted the invitation with my cousin Noufa K. As I entered the cafe I saw His&Hers and told them I was gonna steal pictures from their post (link)! I forgot my camera again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย  Two steps away from their table I saw Danderma and her husband… and not too far away Brown Sugar from 360Dewan.

After my quick hellos, I was greeted by Reem AlNusif, who is the first adoption to Life With Cacao Highlight project. We were seated and our waitress took our orders for drinks. I had espresso while Noufa had water.

We were then served our drinks and two dishes of DAWN, a red velvet cake layered with sweet frosting, a slide of a strawberry jam that separate the cake from one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with a slice of strawberry!

After taking few bites we were joined by the very own Reem AlNusif, who politely asked to join us… of course we didn’t mind as I wanted to give her my very honest feedback. I also told her that I have tried -and LOVED- her Velvet Cup before and reviewed it (link)… She said that she was aware of that and I was the first blog to review them! I didnt know that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyways… I had quite a few remarks and things to talk about and she was super sweet and very open minded about it. Its not that I didnt like the creation, no no… it was fabulous, I was just wondering if the vanilla ice cream could be replaced with a hot or warm white sauce (like maybe extra frosting or white coco) or if they wanna keep the ice cream, then maybe they can serve the cake warm or something! I like that combo! I must admit… she’s an AMAZING young lady! Gotta love her spirit! I wish her all the best…

The stolen pic from His&Hers

Later Mr. Nawaf AlSharekh came by to explain the initiative they’ve taken to adopt such talents! I loved the idea and I love the fact ย that they are helping young home business owners into taking the first steps and having a taste of reality when it comes to working it out in a restaurant, from logistics to costs… to presentation, administration, and more! They help them and take them to a walk along every process step to be taken to present the final product!

Very smart move – Kudos to you guys! You are doing an amazing job, and as Noufa said its a win-win situation ๐Ÿ˜‰ So everyone is happy!

This is a great step towards encouraging the youth into taking the first steps! All the best to both sides

Anyways… hurry up and try DAWN now available at Life with Cacao for TWO WEEKS ONLY ๐Ÿ˜‰

For more, check out Life with Cacao on Facebook (link) and follow them on Twitter:ย @LifeWithCacaoย 

4 responses to “Life With Cacao – May Highlight

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  2. LOL the stolen pic :p

  3. i was there yesterday and saw his&hers ;>
    ma shft’ha bl menu?
    oh wait i didn’t a9lan check the menu hehehe

    bl3afya o i will try it this week en sha Allah

  4. Very smart move, wish you all the best !

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