Shayma, my friend’s status on Facebook -about a couple of days back- reads:

“Starbucks officially lost a 2 time daily customer!!!!! The new fraps taste like crap!! Switching to Coffee Bean frozen coffee!

Need to locate all Coffee Bean stores in K Town lool!!”

Another friend, Ahmed, sent me a message via BBM saying

“I’m not happy with Starbucks new skimmed milk. They are using Safi’s long life low fat milk which is 1 percent fat, so I think its heavier than Nada’s milk, and it tasted weird. They used to use Nada before”

Its interesting to get those messages at around the same time… which confirms that something went wrong with their coffee (or milk?)

Now I’m not a heavy coffee drinker! I’m not addicted to caffeine either! However, I do enjoy my cup of black coffee (Americano) almost daily. I do indulge in a single espresso, plain Turkish, or medium French coffee sometimes… yet I wont make a fuss if I dont have my daily intake of it at one point in time! I also like to have a latte every now and then πŸ˜‰

As for Starbucks? I do not usually enjoy their coffees! They taste a bit watery for my taste… as for their food items? Hmmm I liked them the most back in 2002/3 when they had one of my favorite sandwiches at the time; Shaved Chicken, which is made of sun dried tomato bread, shaved chicken and black olives! It was AMAZING! I cannot find a replacement for such sandwich!

I was also talking with Farah, a friend, last week who told me that cafe’s barista do make a HUGE difference! She is like

“I do not like Starbucks either, but the branch at Baitak Tower is different! Their barista make an amazing coffee drinks there”

Worth checking out I guess πŸ˜‰

My cousin Noufa K. told me

“God! A lot of people are complaining about Starbucks running out of White Moccha. Its been a while I know, and I love it as well.. but I have my own new mix that I make, I ask for vanilla latte and extra shot of hazelnut topped with cream Β andΒ caramel on top – which kinda makes up for it ;-)”

Whats your take on this? Any input? Info? Comments?

17 responses to “Starbucks-ing!

  1. I tweeted about them 2 days back after noticing 10% increase on their plain coffee drinks like espresso & americano .. Their staff did not know single reason behind this new price! Just check this, in States Starbucks is running frapp happy hours everyday promotion with discounted price

    • Thats bad… I love black/Americano but not at Starbucks 😦 Not anymore
      About the States… did you know the prices differ from one State to the other?

  2. ansam, I can’t tell you how angry I am at Starbucks for the past few weeks. Started with the White Choc. Mocha not being available. I’ve walked out of Starbucks several times empty handed bcuz it really pisses me off LOL.

    Then comes their NEW Frapps. We tried the Dulce de Leche a few days back, one regular and one with Extra Coffee. No flavor at all!! Mine just tasted like milk, ice & coffee … nothing else. They were terrible. To be fair, I went back a few days ago and one of the managers said he’ll give me one for free next time order a Frapp.

    I’ve recently switched over to their Iced Teas and according to their menu they have a decent selection of flavors. Unfortunately, the Spearmint Green tea was out of stock as was some others. What is this? Seriously? You are out of Green Tea? Isn’t that one of the most popular teas?

    Message to Starbucks: Please get your act together. I am a DEVOUT customer & fan. I would always run back to you every time other cafes RUN OUT of their products. You were Mr. Reliable. Now, you are just like every other Cup-a-Joe around town. UNRELIABLE!!

    Oh yeah, Ansam, regarding the Shaved Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes, that was my all time favorite sandwich. Summer of 2005 had it religiously at Hilton Kuwait along with another long gone favorite, the Chocolate Banana Frapp.

    How I miss the Starbucks of old!!

    • I really hope they know about this… I usually have my lattes with soy milk if I didnt have my lactaids with me… I passed by Starbucks yesterday and asked him about the milk and why they switched from fresh to long-life! He said they have quite a few complaints… and many comment cards about this same issue!!!

      Oh so YOU KNOW THE SANDWICH??? I loved loved loved it 😦 I want to have it again 😦

  3. I’m a white mocha addicted. and yes I was complaining about it too. about the milk … in Starbucks golden days they were using KDD products.. and KDD whipped cream that makes us always ask for an extra extra whip. when KDD raised their prices, Starbucks started using other brands, and from time to time,, change to an even cheaper brand. thats explains the change of all beverages taste. MILK is an essential component. Good quality brand must be used to keep up the good taste.

  4. A year ago I did complain to the staff at starbucks palms that the coffee they use is bad! And it tasted nothing but acid and smelled like cardbord ! They said they can’t do anything about it! So I stopped going there.
    But if I’m meeting friends who insist on going there I try to stick to cold water.
    And all my friends thought I’m weird. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who noticed!!! I’m not crazyyyyy hurrrrrrrrraaaaaayyyyyy

    • Me too… I dont go unless I am meeting friends or if I have a meeting there lil asaf… or if its my only option! No you are not the only one!! I hear you girl!! πŸ˜›

  5. This might not be relevant since I live in Cairo πŸ™‚ but I’ve noticed the same thing across SB’s in different cities (Cai, Beirut, Geneva, etc).. their coffees almost always taste too “milky” for my taste, altho I always ask for nonfat milk… Except in rare cases where the barista is really good… I would still go to SB where they have a good outdoors area.. but given the choice if Costa is around I would go to Costa for stronger coffee and much better sandwiches πŸ™‚

  6. I used to drink hot chocolate but when i joined y colloege and found that only bucks in they, i stoped drinking it because they serve the worset drinks ever

  7. Caribu has the best quality coffee! And their food is delish!

  8. missing toffee nut late !! and their sandwich used to be my best 2 years ago ! i just craving their sandwich every single day till i reached to the university and order my honey mastered chicken or club sub ! but their sandwich now a BIG EEWWW !
    Avenues Dome 2 branch is the best ! the philipino guy doing the best caramel macchiato ever πŸ˜›

  9. I would ditch starbucks but it’s the closest one to me! Theyre increasing in their prices but the quality is going the opposite direction!
    When any of my family/friends come back from the states during vacations they would refuse having Nething from there neither do prices or quality go up to standards!

  10. thats very unfortunate for Starbucks. I hope they work on their problems soon.

  11. Starbucks Kuwait have problems I enjoy starbucks abroad much more. Thats if I have to have it otherwise I prefer other coffee shops usually.

  12. thank god i don’t like starbucks :p
    i prefer coffee bean & tea leaf OR Caribou

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