Tidbits from Twitter

I get to meet interesting people -electronically most of the time- on twitter! I get information and news updates as well! I love it so much that I have decided to share some tidbits of it on my blog every now on then with mention-shoutouts for my sources…

Snog opened in Mirdif City Center in Dubai (My Snog – London Review)

By @MunaAlGurg

Also, Bader snapped this picture of a toilet in GUST – Like the idea!

By @B_ALBedaiwi

Lots of people spotting my Ansam II Yogurt sign outside Napket and or a picture of the yogurt itself – but this one from 7ajidude!

By @7ajidude

Will come back with more from Twitter 😉

One response to “Tidbits from Twitter

  1. Loved the taste of Ansam 11 too 😉

    Good luck babe you deserve nothing but the best !

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