Spotted: The Sandwich Shop

I was at Dar AlAwadi a couple of days ago and passed by the newly opened store The Sandwich Shop!

The owner, who is also someone I used to work with and now a friend, was there and he insisted I try it out! It was their first day of soft opening, but I was so full to have a bite… ย But he was kind enough to send me three complimentary boxes of assorted sandwiches and fries! Whoa!

I honestly did not try’em all… but I had a small bite of different ones… I tried the falafel, which I LOVED! The sauce was amazing and the sandwich itself was light! I could not feel the oil much! I also tried a bite from the turkey in a croissant, and the stuffing inside were good… the kind I like where they add berries jam/sauce.. Wonder if I can have it with brown toast instead of croissant. My friend had some sort of chicken burger and liked it… my mom and sister tried the eggplant and potato sandwich and said it was good! My mom saved some for her breakfast next day!

I wish them all the best and I look forward to an actual dining experience there! I have the menu with me, and I will try to scan it for KTPD soon!

They are located in the basement of Dar AlAwadi and their Tel # isย 22322866 – I believe they started delivery by now ๐Ÿ˜‰

They are newly opened but I managed to find them on Facebook (link) and Twitter: @Tsskw

7 responses to “Spotted: The Sandwich Shop

  1. I tried it 2days ago, since am working in dar al awadhi lazm njareb el new restaurants ;p
    Thier chicken ceasar sandwich was good, but didnt like the bread i prefer it in wrap. Two of my friends liked thier chicken fillet and they told me thatvit was eally good!

    But i think they are not ready, i wanted to order their roastbeef sandwich, bs they told me it’s not availabe, same for salads
    My friend also was shocked, when he called them asking for their turkey sandwich, and the guy answered him “let me ask my boss and call u back”!!!?

    il logo waaayd 7abeta!! ;p gluck for the sandwich shop ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Alaaah ,, I love sandwiches!

  5. Dear j.z.j,

    thanks a lot for your response to this post. we are happy to announce that we are ready to serve salads now and have been for 2 days. the roast beef we still dont have as the supplier will have them available by mid may. if you dont like any of the bread suggestions we will be very happy to make the sandwich on any of the breads we have available on the bread section in the menu. as for your friend and the turkey sandwich we apologize for this and realize this is not an acceptable answer. just a note worth mentioning is that we just opened and we need a bit of time to adjust. the chicken fillet is GREAT and you must try.

    for the inconvenience that you are your friends experienced, i would first apologize and invite you to try our salads, and other sandwiches you havent tried yet. please email me your contact details and i will send you a complimentary box to your doorstep.

    last we would like to thank ansam518 for giving us this opportunity to interact with our customers.

  6. Enshallah I will try it and post about it as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Update: The Roast Beef has finally arrived and is amazing. highly recommend you to try it. Right now i kid you not its the favorite sandwich among customers.

    best regards,

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