MORE – Dubai

While in Dubai last March/April we stopped by MORE cafe in Dubai Mall

This is how  they greeted you! A menu with iced cold water garnished with a lemon slice and fresh mint leaves! It was just perfect… because we walked from our hotel to the mall and it was a bit humid/hot!

Anyways… the place was crowded! Its an open area restaurant in the lower ground level of the mall with lots of things going around!

By lots things going around I meant the surroundings…. the dishes, the chatters, kids running around, babies crying, laughters, waiters shouting out orders… I mean if you are not into that kind of mood, you wont enjoy it! We didn’t seem to mind it! Its the sound of busy life around you! You can master the art of having fun and enjoying your meal regardless of that! Well… to be honest, I was kinda enjoying it that day, but that was my mood for the day! So dont say I didnt warn you 😛

After cooling down, I decided to have a latte, some caffeine injected into my body! Check out how it was presented… even though I specifically asked for no foam/froth I did not complain! It looked so elegant! It came in a clear glass with a napkin tied in and to be used as the coffee sleeve, with a biscuit on the side and little decoration on the foam! Nice 😉 taste-wise? Nice as well… loved it

My cousin ordered the oriental dish (forgot the exact name of the dishes), which is basically vegetable crudites with grilled halloumi cheese, labneh and olives, hummos, fava beans, and slices of Arabic bread.

Her two daughters shared a dish of English Breakfast which basically consisted of scrambled eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, sausages, beans, and toast. They liked it and ordered extra scrambled egg dish on the side

Unfortunately I could not find a picture in my camera of my dish, but I have the BlackBerry version of it – which is of a lesser quality – It is Egg Benedict with Salmon and Spinach! I asked them to have things separated for me

I loved it! The Hollandise sauce was tangy, the way I like it… the bread hugging the eggs was made fresh and fluffy! The smell was a killer! I enjoyed my breakfast that day… and enjoyed the company even more 😉

The service however was a bit slow but the food was amazing! I highly recommend it for you guys.

Thank you Laila G for the recommendation 😉

4 responses to “MORE – Dubai

  1. I recommend it too. It’s so delicious I tried it a couple of times and absolutely love it.

  2. I LOOOOVED it ! it was the best breakfast ever ! I also had the latte impressive presentation!

  3. you should try the shrimp pott its so tasty !!! and the price is good
    their burger is average and hard to eat

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