Mango – New Flavor at Pinkberry

Looks like Pinkberry introduced a new flavor; Mango 😉

Anyone tried it???

Thanks Abdullah 😉

8 responses to “Mango – New Flavor at Pinkberry

  1. il soora shakelha more of a peach rather than mango! maybe il slice!

  2. اليوم اول يوم ترى صبري شويه لووول

    امس كنت بالافنيوز وقالوا باجر في نكهة المانجا

    حتى ماكدونالدز منزل صمونه يديده اليوم :]

  3. قبل اسبوع قالولي بنزلونه بعد شهر او شهرين لوووول قصوا علي جذابين

    يبيله اجربه اتوقع حلو

  4. I tried in Pinkberry New York branch,, It’s amazing,,,

  5. i really want to try it!! looks yummy!!

  6. i went this AM and saw they released it FINALLY … but they said it wasn’t ready 😦 but I did sample it and it was pretty good .. but am not a huge mango fan to begin with. Watermelon is their next flavor to release but still no word exactly when that will be …

  7. I’ve had it quite often in NYC. It’s very refreshing and not too sweet.

  8. Yup! It’s worth trying! I liked it 😀

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