Funny Sign at Royal Hayat Hospital

I spotted another “Funny Sign” while visiting a friend at Royal Hayat Hospital

Now skip that lecture of telling me that sign is not funny and its important! I KNOW I KNOW! I just find the execution of it so funny! The people gathering around one point in case of an emergency looks funny as if they are having a “public gathering audience” – (شكلهم ناس متجمعين للطماشة)

This is how I see it and that is why I think its funny 😛

For other signs you can check’em out below

At The Avenues

In Dubai 

In England 

At Wataniya Telecom 


In Bahrain

2 responses to “Funny Sign at Royal Hayat Hospital

  1. it took me a while to get why its funny.. LOL!

  2. salem alhasawi

    this sign is international sign for emergency assembly point

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