Breakfast and Brunch

I have been meaning to try this restaurant for a long time. I remember driving around the area (opposite The One store in Marina Mall) to look for it and giving up because I hated it there… many cafes – the kind I AVOID – and the atmosphere I hate…. so this time, Noufa and I decided to go again and we found it!

The place is TINY! Really tiny with four tables inside – two of which serve a maximum of three each, and the other two serves four persons each. A couple of tables out but that was about it..

On each table is a mini white board that reads “G.Morning Welcome to B&B Pls write us your order” with two markers

I was like MAN! What!!! But Thank God the waitress came to take our orders while Noufa K. took the board and wrote this 😛

We ordered a black coffee and orange juice… I had the coffee and it was burnt 😦 I did not like it one bit.. I asked for a fresh new one, ad they quickly got it for me… only this time it tasted like coffee flavored water :S

We placed our orders and waited… Noufa took my camera and started to snap away some pictures of the shop’s interiors!

And our food is ready for picture taking and consumption 😛

My order? Well you would know I almost always go for p0ached or sunny side up eggs! So I went with two eggs my style (it comes in three but I asked for two only) with hash browns, sausages, and brown toast bread

Noufa had the Arabic Omlette, which is basically stuffed with labneh, olives, and sprinkled with sumac. Her side orders were hash browns, sausages, and white toast bread

The verdict?
Well… my order of eggs is super easy to do… however the hash browns were  amazing! Crispy outside and mushy from the inside and they are flavored with some sort of herbs.. maybe thyme (za’atar)! The sausages were exactly like the ones you can grab from Coops! Nothing special about them but they aren’t bad either….

Now Noufa was in love with her egg! I took a bite and it was TASTEFUL! I am surely gonna have this one next time I go! The flavor, the taste… I must say its a creative dish! Usually the Arabic Ommlettes at restaurants are cooked with herbs and such… this one was different! It is HIGHLY recommended!!

Our bill came to a total of KD7.550

Anyways… Breakfast and Brunch is located opposite The ONE store in Marina Mall in the Parking Area. Their Tel # is 25715362 and they are open daily from 7:30AM to 5:00PM

4 responses to “Breakfast and Brunch

  1. walla the theme of the place is nice… i dont drink coffee so i wont worry about the coffee being burnt ;p
    bas their plates are tooo big… i like breakfasts to be crowded o kel shay daash bel thaani lol

  2. Ye3t:D has browns shakelha yummyy!
    I supposed to go their last weekend bs ma3araft wain;p

  3. I like the idea 😉

  4. i really want to try it!!

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