Zain: Social Media Event II

Zain will be hosting Part II of the Social Media Event (for the first event click here, here, and here)

This Time the speakers will be my fellow bloggers 🙂 They will be talking about their experiences and journey in the world of blogging….  Along with the Twitter accounts associated with the blog!

Who are the guest speakers???? Well well well… They’re:

  1. His&Hers The couple.
  2. P0ach
  3. Hi Kuwait

They will be having a surprise too! I wonder what will it be 😉 I am going… and I hope you guys are going as well

It will be like the last time in GUST University  – Wednesday, May 4th (TODAY) at 5:00PM

The whole event is sponsored by Zain, and Organized by Al-Hareer Center.

Note : Endurance is free

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