The Red Car On The Roof!

What’s the story behind this car on top of the house roof in Qadsiya? Anyone knows???

And is it true that there is another car, a blue one, in Nuzha? Also on the roof??

6 responses to “The Red Car On The Roof!

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  2. في مرة واحد اتصال على المارينا اف ام وكان قاعد يتكلم انه عنده سيارىه نادره وانه حاطها بالسطح بكرين وانه يحب هالسياره وقطع غيارها نادرة وغاليه وكان موضوع الديوانيه عن الهوايات الغريبه.
    يمكن يكون اهو….. يمكن

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  4. Yes I saw this car and post about it too :p

    I was shocked and still wondering why ? I might go and ask the house owners soon :p

  5. اللي اعرف انه اللي في النزهة هذي جيب ازرق سوزوكي نوع ساموراي
    هذا النوع مرغوب عند اهل البحر الحداقه لتنزيل الطراريد فهذا الجيب لولد صاحب البيت والولد سافر بالثمانينات يدرس بره
    وابوه شايب عسر كل شوي الشباب طاقين باب بيتهم يسئلون ” حجي تبيع ؟ حجي بجم الجيب؟ ” فالشايب عصب وطفر
    قام ياب كرين ورفعه حطه فوق البيت

  6. Hi Ansam. I live exactly next to this man’s house. He’s a really hardworking and active man. He love to do things himself and by himself only! The story about this car as I saw with my own eyes is: he loves classic cars and strange and unique cars too. He has a road/sea car, a car that float on water! Back to the story. He has two small jeeps like the car in the picture. One of them he uses and the other one which is the one above. He decided to dismantle all the heavy parts from it by himself ofcourse. Brought a crane and left it up on the roof and fixed some lights on it. What I don’t know though is why he did it. But I meet him everyday. I’ll ask him and get back to you with the answer.

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