Ma’loula – Syria

Yes! I am back to posting about my previous trips! Today I will be taking you with me to Ma’loula (معلولا)

Ma’loula is a city located northeast of Damascus (about 50KM away).. the name itself means the high place with gentle breeze *kinda like my name 😉 *

It is the only place on earth where the Aramaic language/dialect is still spoken, practiced, and taught!

We started of by visiting Saints Serguis and Bacchus Monastery (Mar Sarkis) -built in the 4th century on the remains of a pagan temple, it is considered to be one of the oldest monasteries

Walking around inside the monastery, you feel the history and you cant help but think how it survived all this time… amazing!

We went inside the church, too bad photography and video taping were not allowed 😦 They chanted in Aramaic and it was beautiful!!!

Then we went up to the open terrace-like roof to have a panoramic view of the area… Basically the town is built on a mountainside… its just beautiful!

Although it was a day trip that we have taken to Ma’loula, I thought it was worth mentioning that there is Safir Hotel in the area for those interested to spend the night there

Moving on… we took a walk around this small city! We came across many street vendors selling nuts and dried fruit mainly

Here is Mar Thecla (Mar Taqla) – another monastery which holds the remains of St. Thecla, daughter of one of Seleucid princes, and pupil of St. Paul.

The story (or the legend) goes, according to one of the locals who was nice enough to tell me about it, that St. Thecla was trying to escape her death sentence until she reached the mountain… The Christ then was protecting her from up above while she was praying…. the mountains split giving her way to escape!

This is the mountain from a high view… we wanted to go in and walk that gap

As I was snapping pictures, locals would pose for me… they love to have their their pictures taken 😉

And here we are… inside that gap or split in the mountain

The landscape was amazing! The air was so fresh and the weather was super nice… a bit chill but overall AMAZING!

That’s my nephew Saleh up there… he was busy taking pictures with his own camera 😉

And we’re out!

Another poser… a cute (SUPER cute) one! He was like sure take my picture and have it posted on Facebook! I was laughing so hard and he was like “Eh Mu Ghalat”

I liked the fact that the city was inhabited by both Muslims and Christians who lived side by side… you see mosques and churches all around

I tried to capture it as much in pictures… but when I heard prayers in the mosque at the same time the church bells were ringing I took this video shot (sorry for the quality)


I hope you enjoyed this virtual trip to Ma’loula 😀

One response to “Ma’loula – Syria

  1. eee amazing pictures 7asafa u cdn’t take any inside the church 😦 cz this is my only Syria trip 😀

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