Digestive Comfort or Money Back?

As I was drinking Activia Laban I noticed the bottle read “Digestive Comfort or Money Back?”

Now do they actually live to that promise? And if yes, where do we get the money back from? The grocery store we bought the drink from or the mother company?

Don’t get me wrong! I have no problem with the drink itself… I just raised the issue because my cousin once saw one of those “As Seen On TV” ad in the classified section of the newspaper about a certain product… promising your money back if not satisfied. When he called them up and asked if they would actually return his money if it didn’t work for him, their answer was “No! Sorry, we can’t guarantee that”

What’s your take on this issue???

7 responses to “Digestive Comfort or Money Back?

  1. It’s another way of saying “Try our liban, we promise it won’t upset your tummy as much as the other regular liban!”

  2. I always wonder as well! And how would they determine whether we benefit from the drink or not? I could easily go tell them it made my digestion worse than before and get the money back when in reality it made me feel better!

  3. in my opinion its a lame marketing strategy.. if i complained they cd easily tell me i probably ate something (like fish since some say they don’t go well together) and try to blame it on other things besides their laban.. AND i don’t think they really think someone would ask for their laban fee to be refunded :S madry.. it’s an eye catcher/mental tease that’s what it is-u c that promise and drink it with the feel ina it’s gotta be damn good! 😀

  4. ugh!stressful strategy!lol!

    they wont give ur money back instead they will let u try the other products they have!lol

  5. I don’t know hwat’s my take but i LOVE Leban Activia! ;p

  6. give it a try and complain just out of curiosity! and update us, ive always wondered what happens ;p

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