Spotted: T-Shirt at Nasr Sports Store

I have been looking for 1980s inspired “off the shoulder” tees for quite some time now… My friend Alaa spotted this one in Al Nasr Sports store… which I find kinda funny 😉

Why funny?

Simply because the Tee reads “Sleep All Day” when they are selling “SPORTS”wear 😉

On another note… if you happen to know any store who sell those kinda tees, drop me a line 😉

6 responses to “Spotted: T-Shirt at Nasr Sports Store

  1. I’ve seen some in H&M avenues 🙂

  2. Elaine Brazear

    My daughter has cut up a few T’s to re-style them. On one she cut off the neck straight across from the shoulder (she cut off little by little until she got it how she wanted) and another she cut horizonally into the side seams to create strips/tags and then tied them into knots (good if the T is large and you want to make smaller). She’s also done the same method with sleeves too cutting into them and tying knots. Stretch cotton doesn’t fray… it just curls a little and doesn’t need edging. She practiced first on a Ts she didn’t care if she ruined.

  3. Ms Selfridge aw Forever 21 =)

  4. Topshop, around the cottons and tees collection

  5. Great 😉 Thanks everyone

    Elaine- I guess I have some practicing to do now LOL

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