Chai o Haleeb

Picture By Yousef Alwazzan

Where can I find the BEST Chai o Haleeb (Tea with Milk) in Kuwait?

I am addicted to The Baking Tray Chai & Haleeb 😉 Which is simple tea with milk, spiced just right to hit the spot 😉 and with a cute presentation!

We also make an amazing tea with milk at home… and I also love Lipton Chai Lattes! And I occasionally have a cup of tea with milk in Dalag ES’hail in AlMubarakiya (link)!

But where -in your opinion- is the best place that sells Chai o Haleeb in K-Town?

On my list:

I wanna give Haleeb o Heil another try. I also want to try Milk Khana! Any more suggestions you have?

17 responses to “Chai o Haleeb

  1. I recommend mark&spencer’s everyday tea.
    try it at home with milk. the tea is full of flavour.
    we also add ( hail – za3faran) to it at home. but still farag 3alaina 6a3m el chay 3an el super market tea brands.

  2. baking tray is my fav as well 🙂

  3. ana 3n nafsi ma7eb ella mal baitna;p
    bs madam et7ebeen chay o 7aleeb o u always etro7en dubai, ehnak you can find many places it called KARAK… one of my favourite places eb hsare3 eljumeirah kella 6owabeer 3alaih eyeeblech laih esayara either plain Karak (1dhm only) wella weya za3faran (2dhms) wella weya zanjabeel.. the best place eb dubai as I tried many places ;p

    • I love the one we do at home too… and I tried Karak in Dubai! Yabeela mazaaj cuz its too spiced up for my taste bes lazim ajarrib your 1 dirham place next time I go heheh

  4. Try the powder milk with zanjabeel with haail, you will love it

  5. Well its out speciality here in dubai :p karak, ppl r craaaazy about it

  6. a7la chai 7aleb mal ma63am hindi beljam3ya 9adgene 🙂 give it a try .. its the original chai 7aleep :D:D

  7. انا جربت شاى خان وكان لذيذ وفى عندج بريكفست اند برانش عندهم انواع
    بس هذا لا يعلى على بيتنا 🙂 حياج الله فى اى وقت

  8. ana a7eb chay o carnation or bo qoos ya salllam xD

  9. Anytime dear
    Alsa3a Almobareka 🙂

  10. I wrote a post on preparing a custom spiced chai at home 😉

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