Top Shop Dress Up

I was invited once again by the super nice team at AlShaya to attend a special event for Top Shop Dress Up along with other bloggerettes 😀 I never was able to attend any events except for Express Opening… but Top Shop, I wont miss it! I love this store.. so I accepted it right away!

The first bloggerettes I ran into were Her from His&Hers and 7ajiDude. We were greeted by the very friendly staff… and I finally got to meet the two names I received my email messages from; Sama and Bedour! Awesome ladies 🙂 We were given goody bags and took a tour around  the store before we headed to the Style Advisor room

They were displaying some statement dresses… the fun kind of dresses, that you can wear it and have fun mixing it up with their fun accessories! They will soon be available at the Top Shop 😉

Five dresses on the mannequins, each with a different style

This one was 7ajiDude’s favorite…. I dont blame her, its so pretty ❤

I tried to capture some close-ups of the details on the dresses here

Beautiful dresses… Something new for Top Shop 😉

Some more items were on the rack… including some items from Meadham Kirchhoff

We were also served some snacks and refreshments mostly from Al Shaya restaurants like Asha’s and Pinkberry

Later on I got to see many other bloggerettes



D from B&D



Very nice crowd (I hope I did not miss any)

All of us, the guests, were taken to tour around the new SS2011 collection with the fabulous Ms. Sama…

The new collection includes

Snake Valley; a festival girl kinda style, inspired by the 7o’s Gypsy Rocker character – snake prints, pythons, leather, fringes… etc.

Swedish Summer; a glamorous 70s inspired style with lots of vintage like clothes.

New Age Constellation; with a new modern take on classic tailoring… incorporating urban sportswear in luxe new age fabrics!

Graduation; Another 70s inspired bold mix and match separates! Cute prints and stripes!

We were all given an instant 20% off all new items! I got me quite a few… can I show them off??? Of course I can! Its my blog and I can cry if I want to hehehe

Plus two items (not shown) that were on discount already…

The goody bag they gave us included a summer scarf, a few perfume samples from The Body Shop and a couple of makeup items, the press pack, and top shop magazine!

Here is the trailer


Thank You Top Shop Team 😀

On a side note… the Style Advisor Room can be used for those who needs fashion tips and/or have fashion emergency! I remember once – a while back – the fitting rooms were all full and busy busy busy, so a very nice saleslady at the Top Shop took me to that room… I am a regular shopper there and I had so many items anyways (I just remembered snapping those pics at the time)


Other bloggerettes posts about the event:




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  3. Nice walla,

    was there for top man or only top shop?

  4. NICE!!! when will they launch this lovely collection? 7adich shawagteny ;D

  5. very nice collection, ta6awer waid zain specially TopShop look to themselves as Prada .

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