French Toast at Baskin Robbins

I love Baskin Robbins’ flavor of the month – French Toast!

I asked for a taste… but could not resist getting one… and for some reason I felt it should be in a cone!

It is SO GOOD! So good that it can be my breakfast for the next couple of days LOL! Come on!!! Its French Toast, so why not!! With those chunks of toast and syrup flavor! Oh YUMM!

Too bad I discovered it yesterday and we only have three days left for this flavor of the month! I loved red velvet flavor which was introduced earlier this year… Now let’s see what May is holding for us 😉

6 responses to “French Toast at Baskin Robbins

  1. انا من محبين الفرنش توست بس ما أتوقع انه حلو
    بس بالنسبه لباسكن محد يخرب الرجيم الى اهو يامحطم البطون 🙂

  2. waw i should give it a try soon ^_^ i just love BR flavors, try the cotton candy sweeeet 😉

  3. يبيله اجربه

  4. we love!!! We are so having this tonight

  5. Can’t even imagine how it will tast

    Gotta try it !!!

  6. Too bad for those who did not get to try it… it was AMAZING! I will check May flavor soon inshallah 😀

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