VIVA Social Networking Event

I was invited to VIVA‘s Social Networking Event last night at Chocolate & Macaroon Pop in The Avenues.

The event was successful, I saw many bloggers… probably the first event I have been to with that many bloggers around! I sat with Starcom team… I love them, and they were great company 😀

The event started with people mingling and socializing… then a speech by VIVA’s CEO Mr. Salman AlBadran

He talked about VIVA signing a contract with Apple making it the official distributor and carrier in Kuwait AND with competitive prices too! Even better? Its not locked to limit you to VIVA 😉 How cool is that? But of course the prices offered comes with a one year contract or so!

They opened up Q&A afterwards, and then dinner was served 😀

I left the event (like so many people who attended it) with a bag of goodies that included branded items (stress ball, cap, mug, pen, mobile accessory) and an iPhone 4 😀 😀

Thank you VIVA Team:D

I would like to specially thank Ms. May AlSubaie and Mr. Fahad AlFahad 🙂 Thank you guys 😀

For more, you can check VIVA Q8 Facebook Page (link)

15 responses to “VIVA Social Networking Event

  1. Fahad suliman Alfahad

    it was really nice seeing u all ams

    allah e7fthkom shara7ah

  2. yaaaaayyy!! wanaaaaaasaaaa 😀
    3alaikom bil3aafya and I’m glad you all enjoyed your time over there… and also glad about the VIVA-apple contract! 🙂

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  4. Time flies by fast.. Didnt have the chance to meet you bas Inshalla its always a next time 🙂

  5. Hi,
    Well i knw we didnt have the chance to chat in the event but i hope next time but the good thing now i know u hehehehe 😛

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  7. I loved your coverage of the event the most as you made me feel as if I were there hehehe starting by what happened.. but unfortunately you ended it too soon 😛 Either way each blogger gave a part of it I felt as if I was there.

    I am so happy that VIVA is now an official seller of the iPhone, that means we get to see the newer generations arrive faster here and better prices! Love the contract prices & the fact it’s unlocked!

    Too bad I couldn’t have been there 😦

    • Ohhh Thanks 😀 *blushes* I was a bit under the weather that day and had a killer headache! Wish you were there with us 😦

  8. Congrats ! Too bad I arrived very late, had circumstances 😦 But inshallah next time I’ll catch you 😉

  9. did they tell you guys about the internet capping? they are still not following about removing the internet capping. you are all blessed who attended but most are being cheated like me…sigh…

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