Spotted: Popcart

While shopping at Arraya with my friend, we spotted Popcart (popcorn machine/cart) in Home Selection

Price tag? KD160

I know Frankom was looking for one, a smaller version of it anyways 😛

4 responses to “Spotted: Popcart

  1. You/he can find the small one in Carrefour and Géant also I saw the small cotton candy maker

  2. مو هالكبر !!!! أكبر من غرفتي

    والسعر ناااااار

  3. فى محلات بشويخ متخصصه فى تجهيز المطابخ والفنادق تتواجد فيها هذى الاجهزه

  4. Great thanks 😉

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