Cooking Challenge

I dont know why I haven’t post about this yet! It happened towards the end of last summer…..

My friend Alfa+ tried this Pear Cake at Barista Cafe while he was in Dubai

He asked me to try it out next time I go to Dubai, specifically in Mall of Emirates! And so I did 😀 Here is the cake I ordered

Pretty good cake! I loved it… now why did he want me to try it? He wanted me (actually challenged me) to create my own version at Ansam’s Kitchen…. and here are few pictures for you 😉

You can see I have modified it as usual… adding my special touches LOL

So am I gonna share the recipe? NOP! 😛 I still wanna work on it before I do so… but tell me!!! Whadya think? At least the look?!

Anyone wanna challenge me to cook something? Should I introduce this category in my blog???

13 responses to “Cooking Challenge

  1. Looks pretty..I love pears!

  2. Barista’s cake looks moist, unlike yours.

    • Actually the one I made was pretty much like basboosa in texture hehehe it doesnt show in the pic. Barista’s was more cake-y!

      I am working on adding blueberries next time I try to make it

  3. It looks yummy!!! How about you make a lemon syrup with it and just add few drops to give it that sweet sour taste?

  4. Looks Good, though my personal opinion .. I’d like the fruit to blend in the cake more.
    and yes please add a cooking challenge category! That’s Fun and always gives a positive push.

  5. It looks pretty dry in the pic, was it dry?

  6. abeeeeeeee , saweeeli 😦

  7. Yalaa, fogaa! Ma 3nde mane3 😀

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