Last week I went with my cousin Noufa to Tatami for dinner! We’ve heard so much about the place and it was about time for us to try it 😉

The atmosphere was pretty nice… very calm and Japanese-y! I liked it so much. We browsed through the menu and decided to go with the following
Edamame, Salmon Carpaccio, Ebi Tempura, Salmon & Avocado Salad, Exotic Roll, Dancing Shrimp Ura, a bottle of water and a can of diet coke! Shortly after, Chef Dana AlTourah was at our table… actually she was going around all tables talking to customers and suggesting dishes… Super sweet and super cool! She suggested we try the Sesame Nori Chips (seaweed) and have the chocolate truffle molten for dessert… sure, why not 😉

Here is what I think!
The sesame nori chips were outta this world… Noufa did not like them one bit, but I loved them so much. Edamame was cooked perfectly, the salmon carpaccio was great… I add ginger to every bite, I just love to eat it this way 😉 the salad was okay… just like any salmon avocado salad in any Japanese restaurant in town, and for the extra dressing on the side we got charged 400 fils 😛

As for the rolls, I liked the dancing shrimp more… they are not too saucy -which is something I like! Having more sauce would kill the natural flavors in it so it was good 🙂 The exotic roll, well… they were okay 😉

As for the chocolate truffle molten cake…..

It wasn’t what I expected! Everyone raved about it… everyone said its SO GOOD! I personally think it was just okay! But then again, I am not a chocolate person so you know 😉

All in all… the restaurant design is really nice, service was kinda slow (we ordered our drinks four times), but Chef Dana really made up for that. She kept checking on us… I even saw her taking orders herself… taking away empty dishes or even bringing in new ones to the table! She is fabulous!

Our dinner came to a total of KD27.610

The food was good… I wanna try other dishes next time I go, but if you get the chance, do not miss out on the Nori Chips and Salmon Carpaccio 😉

Tatami is located on Amr Ibn AlKhattab St in Kuwait City – Its advisable to reserve a table before going because its usually full – Call 22251266

10 responses to “Tatami

  1. You should try the Crispy Almond Roll – AMAZING!!!!!
    I also loved the golden dragon maki!! I agree about the service. We ordered the check 3 times and received it 20 mins later :/

  2. KD27? What happened to the KD7 for a week? 😛

    I was really looking forward to see the result

  3. I enjoyed their food specially their NegiMaki and maincourse The Salmon steak I liked the food but as you mentioned service is a little slow which puts u off a little, nice post thanx 🙂

  4. Haven’t tried it yet!!
    I think I should… Looks yummy

    bil3aafya 🙂

  5. رحنا مرة المطعم على وجبة الغدا ، طلبنا عدة أطباق ومن ضمنهم نودلز بالخضار, ويابو كل اللي طلبنا ما عدا النودلز , قلنا يمكن ياخذ وقت. أكلنا كل الأطباق وخلصنا واحنا ننطر النودلز والجرسون ما قال أي شي . لما سألنا عن النودلز قال : آسف مو متوفر ؟؟؟!! مو المفروض من أول ما طلبنا يكون عندهم علم
    بالأطباق اذا كانت متوفرة أو لا؟ وبعدين ليش ما بلغنا الا بعد ما انتهينا من أكل كل الأطباق؟؟
    ولا تكلم الا بعد ما سألنا؟؟
    وبالنسبة ل nori chips شي جديد لكن أعتقد ان كان زفر 😦

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