A Visit From “Talia”

As I was chillaxing in my room… a very lazy Saturday I must say, I received this bag from Lofat!

Inside of which was their new dessert Talia

Layers of crushed digestive biscuits with some other yummies in between… topped with white icing!

195 Calories + 3.9gm Protein + 40.4gm Carbs = GOODNESS! I cant believe its LOFAT!!!

They will start selling it tomorrow in the following coops (Lofat Fridges): Faiha – Kaifan – Jabriya – Mishref… and it will be added to their Lifestyle menus as well to be included within the diet meal plans ๐Ÿ˜€

For more call 22250650 or follow them on Twitter: @LofatGroupย – Facebook (link)

2 responses to “A Visit From “Talia”

  1. Shakla latheeeth! Lil asaf I checked it at this time when I cant have it… I may order it tomorrow! bel3afia ya Ansaam

  2. a7la shay inha ra7 tedkhal lofat diet program! shakli basajjil ma3ahom ๐Ÿ˜€ ten9e7eeena feeh?

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