I Like: Tutti Fruitti

I cant seem to be having enough of Tutti Frutti lately! (My Twitter followers knows what I’m talking about)! I have been having like three box daily for the last few days LOL! Childhood memories!!! *sigh*

8 responses to “I Like: Tutti Fruitti

  1. Allah!! Yasalam 3aleich ya Ansam. Thakarteeni bil-madi wal-ayam ilbaree2a. Yaleit-ha t3ood.

    Thanks so much for the pic. 3ad kanu yigooloon lina “lat-kathroon yi3awir b6oonkum!!” :p

  2. Alaaaah I luv tutti fruity the originAl..
    Nazalaw other kinds bs this is yummy!!

  3. 5alti safa favorite as well .. Ana I let it sticks to the tooth lema ye5tefii lol

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