I miss Color Me Mine! As a matter of fact, I want to go at the very first given opportunity 😛 Yes! I become a child at heart when I am there… I sometimes go alone just to color and have a quality time with me, myself, and I 😉

I am planning to do more of plates to be used at home, like the ones I posted about before (link) and the one below 😉

How should my next plate be designed? Inspire me people!!! Inspire me 😉

6 responses to “Lemon-y!

  1. 518 all over it

  2. -watermelon…cuz its summer!

    -leopard prints

    and yeah 518 with the butterfly!!!;)

  3. FUN! 😀
    I love going there as well 🙂

    ammm how aboooout
    drawing something related to our culture ?
    I dunno what exactly but I thought it would be fun

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