Thank You Zain & November Bakery

Last night I was surprised by two bags at my door from The November Bakery and Things By November!

A beautiful flower bouquet from Things by November

That I quickly arranged in a vase for our dining table

And another box from The November Bakery with a card that reads To ENSAM – FR ZAIN COMPANY

I quickly made my call to someone I know from Zain Social Media team to thank them and also send them the picture of the cake – that didnt make any sense! The logo on it, I just could not get it! I did not even know why they sent me the cake!

Turned out it was for my Blog 4th Year Anniversary – but that was not the design they had in mind! Shortly after I received a call from the sweetest young lady ever, Jude! She was apologetic and was so upset that she wanted to send me a new-fresh-out-of-the-oven cake with the correct design! Even though I told her not to worry so much about it and I can wait till tomorrow! She insisted, as a matter of fact she went to the store and checked on everything herself… meanwhile, she told me to enjoy the first cake sent by mistake… which I shared with everyone at home

Its called a “Dali”, a cake made of milk chocolate milk with cream cheese frosting, and tiny chocolate flaxes mixed in the icing! I am more of a vanilla cake person but this one was a hit! I never tasted a cake from their bakery that was not good (not to mention their cookies)!

While enjoying that slice of heaven, I received a message from Zain team apologizing for the incident! I was taking it really easy and enjoying the cake! It was a nice gesture anyway… but I was getting spoiled by both companies! How lucky am I? 😉

Then the other cake was delivered within an hour

The cake was designed with my logo right next to Zain’s… it reads


Another chocolate cake… “Aila” cake with Valrhona chocolate (I remembered when I met the owner of that store in Brussels) and cream cheese brownie layer in the center!

Just had a couple of bites… I was ODing on chocolate! It was heavier in taste, perfect for chocolate lovers, however I prefer the first one -taste-wise-

Thank you Zain for remembering me and sending me those beautiful flowers and cake

Thank you November Bakery for really trying to make it up to me although I was not upset 😀

8 responses to “Thank You Zain & November Bakery

    Bel3afyaa o testahlaiin 😉

  2. BIG STOP! Didn’t you start the 7KD campaign ? hahah

  3. Thats excellent from u to start on Friday! I mean bekoon weekend as a start hatha qemma felta7addi:D

  4. Ansam!! thanks sooo much for the post!! Im sooo glad you enjoyed it! and a big big thank you for being soo patient with us.. means so much to us at november.. We are just really happy you liked them 🙂 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! love love love ur blog ! 🙂

  5. 3alaich bil3aafya 🙂
    I love November Bakery… they are amazing

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