Nexium & Naxiprazol – UPDATE

Not too long ago, I posted about taking Naxiprazol instead of Nexium (link)!

I asked a couple of pharmacists and few doctors (from both; Government and Private Health Sectors) about it… turn out it was okay to take it!

As a matter of fact, Kuwait is known for higher prices in medications worldwide! I did not mean in anyway to show that I do not care about my health and that I wont pay more to get the real thing… if its really “the real thing”

So according to the doctors I asked, I can continue taking it… if you are planning to do so, check with your doctors too 😉


5 responses to “Nexium & Naxiprazol – UPDATE

  1. شكرا على المعلومات

    شكلي بستورد وأبيع 🙂

  2. i was told from my doctor (private sector) to stop taking nexium and that it has side affects on women.

  3. generic meds are NEVER like the real thing no matter what doctors say… when I was bel states i had to take a generic pill coz the real thing was not available, after using it for a while i started feeling funny and i felt that becoz the pill was generic i felt what i felt, during that time i stumbled upon an interesting study that conformed my fear, generic is not a cheaper version of the real thing, there are always missing important elements in the generic!!

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