Can I Survive a Week on KD1 Per Day?

I am going to go grocery shopping with KD7 only to spend, less if I can, to buy groceries that will feed me for a week!

This is a new project I am doing! Something that is good for the soul… and to feel for the poor! So let’s see how this one will go!

I will be posting daily journal about my experience 😀

Let’s see how this one will go now 😉

45 responses to “Can I Survive a Week on KD1 Per Day?

  1. I am sure you can do it.

    It will be an interesting experience. Keep us posted 🙂

  2. You can do it if u avoid low fat food , or buy sandwiches Eli eb 100 fils

  3. good job ansam , cant wait to check your posts 😉

  4. 3ayal no ma6a3em or 3azayem for this week:D hehe liked the idea! keep us updated!;)

    • Ashwa someone understood its not about spending money on restaurants… its about surviving on groceries I buy for KD7 or less for a week

  5. let us know how is it going 😉

  6. Love it! Will be following closely. No eating pufak all week :O)

  7. i used to do it, you reminded me at the end of each month waiting for the salary with very minimum money in my pocket… i will enjoy reading ur post lets see how it goes… 😛

  8. good luck and great idea!

  9. Bo-Ya3gooob; looooool eee wala exactly reminded me at the end of each month waiting for the salary

  10. This might be the most worthwhile project you have taken up so far 🙂

  11. KD1 per day is easy, some families spend KD1 a day to feed themselves not a single person. I used to spend around that much when i was in university.

    250fils for gas per day then divide the rest for lunch and dinner

    Hommos with french fries sandwich is like 150fils and is super delicious if u get it from Dodo
    shawerma is like 250 fils
    Zaatar sajj is like 100 or 150fils depending on the place
    you can spoil yourself by having cheese sajj for 200fils
    foul or falafel sandwich is also like 150 or 200fils
    toast packet costs like 150fils, you could get a jar of nutela for like 600fils, thats enough dinner for at least 3 nights

    so after gas, lunch and dinner you should still have like 200fils left to spend on a munchie like kit kat or 4 sunkist.

    If your KD1 a day doesn’t include gas thats even more money for food!

    • I know! I am just doing it to prove something here 😉 Plus I will be grocery shopping not go to restaurant and shawerma places… that wasnt my point!

  12. this can be done EASILY ! its just about making the right choices.

  13. That will be interesting! I tried on a 30Kd per week and failed :s
    let see how you do it? maybe you can give me some ideas 😉

  14. Go Ansaam Go Ansaam
    Can’t wait for your updates

    hmmm… no restaurants… no glamorous food!!!
    Allah ywafgich


  15. Chinese noodle soup (ramen noodles). buy one chicken per week (1KD) and add it to the noodles.

  16. o belmarra saweeh as diet:D detox 😉
    etha gedartay etsawenha bel kwait qaweyya cuz el mughrayat 7awalaiina wayed alf ma63am o 3azema o yam3a:( o next time start to save men el 7KD 😀

    • Ideally I would stop using my car and use public transportations, I dont know how to use them in Kuwait though.. so my car usage will be minimal and for work only 😉 Inshallah I can

  17. Interesting project and it’s actually do-able! I’ll be waiting for your daily updates.

  18. When my salary comes i keep 20KD for my food expenses for a month or until the next salary comes…and usually when salary comes i still have remaining money from last month. This is because i am asian and i am not blessed enough to have huge salary for over spending and even if i have i will still keep my budget and save for the rainy days.

    What i do is i pack meals for work and i don’t spend anything that is not necessary because buying things on a daily basis will cost you more… Why not shop 1 time a month and try to manage it for the time period. GOODLUCK!

  19. i was going to do it few months ago and post about it but i couldnt , my stomach is always hungry 😦

  20. Now this is interesting! I wish you good luck and all success 😀

  21. I’m cheering you on! Great idea and best of luck. 😀

  22. lol ansam im with you all the way !! and if u need support i can do it !! how about a whole month ?

    • I wanna try it for a week… with my lifestyle and lots of meetings I have to go to and events to attend, I dont know if I can afford to do it for a month… not how to survive it hehehe

  23. sooper like this idea…with the high prices in the supermarkets, and still minimum salary(like me*wink) i need this kind of guidance from u…lol

    tried that before, i failed cuz i endeed up buying clothes and forget about food…

    well keep us posted, imma support u all the way!

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