Blink & Go

The Boudoir Salon sent me this by email:


If you are a girl like me that loves the look of long lucious lashes this is an amazing treatment to try.  For beautifully framed eyes on a daily basis try the individual lashes by The Boudoir Salon, it takes time to apply but stays for at least two weeks.  The trained technician applies lash by lash of different lengths depending on the look you want to achieve, until you have a thick, curled set of dark lashes.  Bye Bye mascara!! Book your appointments now 25335951/2!

Facebook (link)

I booked an appointment – and will keep you posted 😉

9 responses to “Blink & Go

  1. oh i’ve been wanting to do this…ansam can u try it out and give us a review? lol

  2. i know a place that does individual lashes that last 2-4 months eb 15 KD in Jabriya .. i’ve been wanting to try it but i’m too scared

  3. lol yea just noticed it…usually do a quick scan reading 😛

  4. we do them at fivesenses salon as’s a bit more expensive..and take more time to apply, but they last for up to 8 weeks if maintained properly…

  5. be careful. My friend tried them and all her real eyelashes started falling :s she ended up without eyelashes for 2 weeks!!!

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