A Taste of Froobie

I was invited to attend Froobie’s opening and tasting session of their yummies in 52 Degrees yesterday 😉

I was asked to come prior to the event by Froobie team…. and saw many creations done by different individuals 😀

Mini Icy Burger

Check this one out now

Oh and I was given the first business card – just fresh out of the printing press LOL! This must be the largest business card ever 😉

Espresso ❤

At around 7:00PM people started coming in all dressed up and looking fab… the place was getting busier by the minute! I saw people I havent seen in a long time!! I also got to meet quite a few people, some fans of my blog… a couple of bloggers –Her– it was nice seeing you again 😀

Thank you Froobie team 😀

For more, Froobie is located in AlTilal Complex in Shuwaikh inside of 52 Degrees

Twitter: @Froobie_

Facabook (link)

Tel: 22256745

13 responses to “A Taste of Froobie

  1. i loved the bluberry , shakelha my new habba;p

  2. I loved the place , the energy and most important the flavors are out of this world, im a big fan of frozen yogurt and i have to say bye bye pink berry !

  3. a7la a7la a7la place!!!!! the opening was out of this world thank you for inviting me

  4. who are the owners ??

  5. i guess al sarhan group

  6. Nasser and Dandosh!! How come you two have the same IP address.. and how did you (Nasser) answer (Dandosh) before I even approved the comment!! LOL its fishy 😛

  7. It was really fun and finally i met the sweet ansam but you left early ;(

  8. Sarah .. will tweet u now ;p

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