Lenotre Easter Cake

Lenotre is now offering their Easter Cake – Chocolate Flavor – for KD40

To order call 1805050 Ext. 28

Twitter: @MMCKuwait

Facebook (link)

6 responses to “Lenotre Easter Cake

  1. wawwwwwwwwwwwww
    i order 1 cake + the easter egggggggggg …………tks lenotre

  2. very simple very elegant amazing

  3. Terribly Dissapointed

    EPIC FAIL. Loved the pictures & ordered the basket with 3 eggs which was KD 10/- which I initially thought was an awesome rate. The only good thing about it was the look/packaging. The eggs were hollow inside, terrible to eat (it was exactly like eating candle wax, even left that horrid after taste in your palate) & the only chocolate used was for the baskets which was NOTHING great, just not as bad as the eggs. We threw them out, it was inedible.

  4. I am sorry to hear that 😦 How can we make it up to you?

  5. Terribly Dissapointed

    Ansam, thank you for posting the comment.
    MMC, I appreciate your response & willingness to make it up. I don’t want anything in return & highlighted this over here (which is where I learnt about this) because I think consumers have a right to receive value for their money & unfortunately the eggs were not it if anyone is being honest. To charge KD 10 for empty eggs which were just about the outside & tasted like candle wax is not justified at all. I was most dissapointed because they were for my niece, a child who we didn’t end up giving it to at the end. I would be satisfied with ensuring better quality in the future. Thanks.

  6. We’ve sent you an email… we want you to reply as soon as you can please
    I will make sure to make it up to you
    Dont worry – appologies

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