Babak Light Meals

I am so tempted to try those meals! Anyone tried’em before?

“Are you on a diet?? Did you ever want to eat kabab but thought that it has lots of calories??? Now with Babak Grill House you can eat our new kabab meals for lower calories, less fat, and lower sodium salt (suitable for diabetics and people with blood pressure). These meals have been certified by the nutritionist Dr. Bader Nasrallah!!! Now call Babak and order your meals 22255222”

Thanks Ahmad M. 😉


4 responses to “Babak Light Meals

  1. mmm… sounds yummy!!! inshallah will try it 😉

  2. difinetly, i will try it today. 🙂

  3. Jarabtaaaaa 7addaaaa khayaaaal 🙂

    All of you have to try them

  4. I have to try it soon then 😉

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