Subject Closed!

This will hopefully be my last update on the “No-LOVE” posts!

It started this way; I got a phone call from Mr. Essa Behbehani – who was, unlike the attack and hate commentors, very open minded and a great listener, not to mention his great manners while talking to me! He let me talk about it all I wanted it, as a matter of fact he understood the reason behind me posting the story which is again NOT to accuse the company of selling fake items, but to show that there must be a problem within (not getting into that either)

Later, I got contacted by the management, and was also treated with respect and politeness! The manager I talked to also understood my post, and was in fact annoyed by the comments left on the post more than the post itself!

So, my words got heard by the “right people” – who are working on resolving the issue now – and my message was delivered & hopefully taken care of (s00n).

And lastly, I talked to my friend also -the one with the problem- and we decided its best to protect the previous post for that the readers are just picking up the lines they like and are spreading rumors – which is all not worth it all!

And with a big smile I am telling you: I’m not allowing comments on this issue 😉

Below is the conversation I had with Mr. Essa on twitter after his call 🙂


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