No LOVE – Update

My friend just informed me that the store I talked about yesterday got a visit from Department of Trade Control (ادارة الرقابة التجارية) and they found nothing at all against the store itself. Just wanted to update you all 😉 Lets see how this goes from here now!

And regarding the hate and attack comments I got, I say go reread what I posted! I never said the store is actually selling FAKE items – I did not accuse them of that! It can be a problem within the company itself and I am not sure too! I also stressed on the UNIQUE customer service my friend received from that store!

Dont just attack me! Read it well please 😉

For the full story, CLICK HERE!

19 responses to “No LOVE – Update

  1. Thanks for the update, I believe its ur duty to give us updates since ur the one who spilled the story out. I am pretty sure they will not find anything against the store, I trust the owners.

  2. I know that u didn’t accuse the shop, I totally get that but ur post was clearly against them ansam that’s why u got the attack comments. Not everyone gets it, so it’s a normal response.

  3. Welcome, to the new world 🙂

  4. حرام شهرتوا بالمحل.. اذا لندن قبلو يصلحون الخاتم معناته البضاعه سليمه و اصليه… و تم سرقتها هناك و تبديلها.. و اكتشف هالشي هني. ما أظن كارتييه لندن طافت عليه ان الطقم فالصو!!! و صلحوه… شدعوا! و بعدين كل البيياعين يقولون سعر خاص و خصم خاص… ماني شايفه الغلط.
    مشكلتنا ما نصدق ان احد بلندن يقص علينا… ولا كأنا كلنا شفنا

    • They fixed the ring in Kuwait, not LONDON! hehehe I didnt say they fixed it in London. She is studying in London, but she fixed it when she got back in Christmas.

      I didnt even mention the store name!

      Again, they didnt fix anything in London!

      You didnt read the post well

  5. شفنا مسرحيه باي باي لندن 

  6. hahaha .. you’re probably just afraid of getting sued ;p jk

    • Glad you said “jk” cuz I am not afraid. I did not accuse the store ITSELF of selling fake items, I was hinting at other stuff 😉

  7. I am surprised you say u didnt accuse the shop when u did something that is horrible for their reputation. Most people here believe eveything they say. Even you! You didnt take time to talk to cartier urself before u post so that ur story would be two sided!

    • If I told you what happened you will be SHOCKED but I prefer to stay silent here! Till we figure it out, cause really the reaction here is not worth the headache

  8. girls:
    7asbi allah w n3am ilwkeel tra mal il7laaal ma ythee3! what a dirty attitude from the owners to the poor guy.. a big GANG!

  9. girl:
    she did not mention he fixed in LONDON! tra la ykoon fe balch enna 7mayat ilmostahlek or this blog is the end of story! 🙂

  10. Thanks Shaikha 🙂

  11. Excuse me ANSAM I will put my comment on the other post here too.

    My advice to all Kuwaiti Girls who love to buy JEWELLERY from Kuwait seek a local jewller , you will get the best costumer serviece and guarantied JEWELLERY where you can refer to the jeweller whenever you want to.
    Hint: buy from a jewelry shop where you see the owner or a Kuwaiti personnel sell in the shop. Otherwise buy your high brand Jewllery from it’s origin countries.

  12. that’s why its better to buy from these brand out side Kuwait… better be safe than sorry its really disturbing to hear that this is happening to us