New Addictions at Genki

Ever since Q introduced me to the Toro nigiri sushi (fatty tuna belly), I got hooked! And its REALLY good at Genki (and the cheapest in Kuwait too)

Really buttery and really melts in your mouth!

I also LOVE their new ice cream in sesame flavor (not on the menu yet)! Why? Because this is customer service at its best! I’ve always asked the manager, Atif, about introducing black sesame ice cream… he wanted something different and came up with sesame ice cream instead!! How amazing is that? When they listen to you 😉 Atif is really awesome (read more about it here)

Here is a scoop of green tea and another of sesame ❤ totally divine!!

You can smell the sesame before it gets to your table… its just different and not too sweet and the combo of the two together, green tea and sesame, is just perfect 😀

7 responses to “New Addictions at Genki

  1. Go for the Fattiest, thats even better

  2. Sashimi that is, or as my Indian colleague calls it Shash me.

  3. Ansam becareful! dont eat too much tuna its not good. Eating salmon every single day is better than eatting tuna 3 times a week.

  4. Genki is my favorite sushi in town .. and the green tea one of my favorite ice creams as well .. will have to try the sesame next time if available

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