Lost In Translation!

In episode 16 of Gossip Girl season IV, Chuck tells Lily in one of the scenes: Lily, once again… I’m sorry!

Caption translated Lily to (زنبق) The flower name in Arabic!

Blair’s new Minion does it again in that same episode (in translation)…. زنبق همفري

Even worse? When Serena tells her brother I will be right back!!! سأكون الظهير الأيمن

Much more on that episode! I just got those three for you! LOL


8 responses to “Lost In Translation!

  1. LooooooooooL the last one is the best
    Magol ela XOXO

  2. LOL !
    somebody is using google translate :p !

  3. LooooL just like in some jokes we recieve in BBM and whats app.
    translation bedooon thameer XD

  4. inzain how do they translate gossip girl?
    غوسيب غيرل؟

    الفتاة الثرثاره؟

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