Pizzetta with Yehya

Zain invited me, along with fellow bloggers Jacqui, Little Lujain (the youngest blogger I have met), 7ajiDude, Q8Stig, His from His & Hers, and HiKuwait + Some of Zain Staff to have lunch at Pizzetta in Spoons Complex with YEHYA!

Let me refresh  your memory, here is a video of Yehya


We started of chit-chatting with Yehya! He’s such a cool guy, very modest and down to earth too! He showed us tons of pictures and told us many funny stories/encounters he came across collecting all those pictures throughout the years


That’s him with Pizzetta Staff

Below are quite a few pictures of our lunch dishes… Dont say I didn’t warn you! They are dangerously attractive

We started of with many appetizers… I only got to snap some of which… one salad here and yummy chips… the kind of chips that you wont stop eating till you finish it up!

Risotto balls – they were okay! I prefer regular risotto 😉

BIG FAT mozzarella sticks – those were good! I loved the texture of it 😉

And somewhat dry mushroom stuffed raviolis – drizzled with oil! I never had raviolis sauce-less, but those were good! The creamy mushroom filling was awesome

My order – Spaghetti Bolognaise, still cannot beat the Prime & Toast’s – which is my favorite (link) 😉

Jacqui’s pizza

His’ pizza – love the onion ring spiral thingy in the middle

7ajiDude’s pizza… I was offered a slice – it is called Mexican Pizza! Now thats an interesting twist! I usually like pizza as is, but this one tasted like an open quesadilla! Really good choice 😉 Thanks for the slice

Two slices of Pizza Margarita for Mohammed AlMuhaini! Just two slices (yel botamba :-P)

I was so full, I could not finish up my spaghetti, but I snapped pics of the desserts anyways 😉

Strawberry cheesecake pizzetta

Nuttella Pizza (Thanks Lujain for taking the pic for me 😉 )

It was such a nice outing, awesome company… and Yehya rocks! Thank you Zain 😉

Check out other bloggers post about him


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Pizzetta has two locations; AlSeef (Tel 22458292) and Spoons Complex (Tel 22253310)

For more, check out their Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter @Pizzetta_

16 responses to “Pizzetta with Yehya

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  3. Niice 😉 You can have a slice anytime , hope you liked the pudding as well:P
    Yum Yum .. we should def do it again!

  4. Nice to meet you Ansam
    all the Best for you 🙂

  5. Yehyaaaaa…i love him. I must visit pizzetta soon….the dishes look yummy, 3alekom bil3afya 🙂

  6. Yehya has such a great sense of humor and I admire how far hes gotten by just being himself you can say. An unusual way to become famous but people (celebrities) like him.

  7. Very nice! Now I’m hungry! loooool!

  8. It was awesome seeing you for a second time hehe 😛 They should have more of these Blogger/Celebrity Gatherings 😛

  9. yalaa, breakfast at prime and toast and lunch at pizzetta 😛
    3ad i had to scroll down wana mgham’6a 3ashan ma ashoof il pictures !

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