Ne-Yo a la Fay-O

I was talking about how I got invited by Wataniya Telecom to spend a day with Ne-Yo when Fay-O gasped: “ARE YOU GONNA SEE NE-YO?”

I knew right then and there that she was the one I was going to hand my pass to for the LIVE show since I wont be able to make it. I told her that and she was over the moon! She really deserve to go more than I do… In the end, I got to spend the day with him, in the press conference and lunch at Mayass… so why not 😉

So I asked her to cover the event for me and oh boy she did a great job! So here is her review… enjoy 😉

Ne-Yo Live Performance in Kuwait by Fay-O

Well, we arrived to Sahara after getting our tickets checked!

We hopped on a golf cart that took us to the inner gates, then on foot we went to the arena or the place that the concert took place at.

As we were chilling music was playing. There was a drink bar at the back, interesting thing the drinks that they served were named after singers like Rihannas passion and the Tyler Swift drink!

Then a Lebanese hostess came on stage, Karin, and got the crowd going, opening for Ne-Yo was DJ Crow. He played some songs to warm us up… at around 10pm Karin came back up and started to introduce Ne-Yo

And there he was live right in front of our eyes NE-YO!! 😀

He sang a few of his famous songs and after his first song he was like : “Salaam allaikum!” which I found so cute! He was saying that next time will have a bigger venue with more people and he was like and I promise you there will be a next time!

Then the crowd was extremely excited as he was singing!

He would put his hand out and you would see hands grabbing him from all sides like piranhas!! One of the highlights of the night, while I was standing on a chair to grab some pictures I gave him a flying kiss and he saw me and gave me a quick salute and nod! I melted in excitement!

Before we knew it, it was over and as he was leaving suddenly everyone got up and was running after him! He got into his car, but he’s such a sweetheart he didn’t leave, he opened his window and allowed people to take pictures and talk to him.

But after like 10 minutes he was long gone… most people started to leave but who did missed an after party quick show, the bartender started juggling bottles on fire and put on an interesting fun show for us…. And that was it, short sweet and extremely fun!!

Amazing coverage FayO! You are officially my little reporter now :-* Muwaaah!
Glad you enjoyed it and the pictures are AMAZING! It felt like I was with you the whole time 😉

18 responses to “Ne-Yo a la Fay-O

  1. I loved the mini concert, but I loved your coverage even more! Great job FayO! =)

  2. Fay-O great job!!! loved the pictures!

  3. Amazing coverage and pictures fay!

  4. Amazing pictures Fay! *thumbs up*

  5. Very nice covered and said by Fay,but don’t u think words like drinks and bartender may be misunderstood?

  6. Glad you liked it! I had so much fun! Cant thank you enough! LOL

    • I was so happy to give you my pass, happier when you enjoyed it and wrote this AMAZING review… can you tell how amazing it is from the comments??

      You are officially now one of my best reporters :-* muwaah

  7. great gesture from you Ansam to let fay go, and amazing report by Fay too ;p great team you make 😛

    • She’s a big fan of Ne-Yo! To be honest, I didnt know him before (I know I am bad) Once I got the invitation I YouTube-d him to get familiar with it. But FayO deserved it more than I did, and she did an amazing job with this coverage 😉

  8. loved the coverage & loved the pictures.
    Well done Fay xx

  9. amaaaaazing i love it , So proud of my Little Sis , she was so happy 7abebty wallah :* thanks to you ansam

  10. Hamad Al-Matar

    great coverage & pictures 🙂

  11. LOVED the review on the event.. it’s a shame I didn’t go (didn’t have an invite) but it’s awesome that I felt as if I was there with this post!

  12. So that’s The Fay O Coverage! I was amazed when I saw the pictures!
    so great, well done
    good choice Ansam by sending Fay to the concert, she really deserve it.

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