Abdullah Sandwich at Chocolate & Macaroon Arraya

My friend sent me this picture of the new (and for limited time only) Abdullah Sandwich at Chocolate & Macaroon Arraya Center. He refused to tell me whats in it! I am so curious to try it out!!!!

Speaking of Chocolate & Macaroon – Arraya, I saw this picture on their Facebook page (link) I believe its called Tea Time tray 😉

Nice 😉

4 responses to “Abdullah Sandwich at Chocolate & Macaroon Arraya

  1. love the Peanut Butter macaroons and the French Toast at Pop

  2. jarabt.ha the sandwich e9ara7a 3ajebaaaah bs 3afsah yabila elwa7da takelha belbeet mo ma63am 😉

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