Street Vendors in Syria

I have noticed the many many kinds of street vendors in Syria… mainly selling different food items! They sell so many things from popcorn, corn, chestnuts, bread, juices, CDs/DVDs, toys, souvenirs… you name it!

I have snapped a few here and there… and will update this post if I find more in my files (or my sisters’)

Can you guess what kind of vendor this is? What is he selling?

He is selling chestnuts 😉 That was in Damascus

Only problem is that I tried to have chestnuts during my stay in Syria from three different vendors, non of which were good! They were not fully cooked or something!

Toys! Also in Damascus

And some more food vendors in Damascus…


This is a guys selling different kinds of nuts and dried fruit in Ma’loula

I got dried fig from him – it was really good!

And in Homs too… this guy is selling nuts roasted on charcoals

Corn – Homs

Candied apple – Homs… they were TINY apples, and selling at SYP5! I was told not to eat from it because of hygienic issues! You think I listened? How can I resist a candied apple hehehe it was GOOD!

Cotton Candy – Homs

Bread vendor – Damascus

A guy selling balloons – Damascus!!!

Some souvenirs outside Ruquaya Mosque in Damascus

I have no idea why I missed out on those vendors selling DVDs and CDs… his cart is full of different videos and music items with a portable screen to show some of the videos… There were lots of juice stands too! Many kids selling different kinds of toys… oh and a lot of people in Hameediya were selling socks! And some were selling kitchenware too!

I am telling you, Syria is the country with so many street vendors selling you everything from spices, to food, to appliances, and much more

2 responses to “Street Vendors in Syria

  1. Great post! Love to see street photography like this 🙂

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