Snack Factory

Ever since Frankom posted about Snack Factory’s Lava Cake, I could not help but wonder how good it taste! The picture is such a teaser

A couple of days back I was contacted through my blog by Snack Factory team with that same picture and a couple more… along with their prices!

The wrote that the chocolate lava cake comes with warm liquid rich chocolate center that melts in your mouth, topped with cream chease! It should be served warm and its for KD15

Another cake they have is the Red Velvet

Deep red color red velvet cake for KD10

Last one is a Carrot Cake

A cake that never goes out of style, right? They described it as rich and moist spiced cake that is full of grated carrots and toasted nuts, covered with caramel and cream cheese… Price? KD10

To place an order call 99981473

I am so tempted to order the lava cake! Anyone tried it yet?

يسر سناك فاكنوري ان يقدم كيكة الشوكلاته “اللافا” الطرية بنكهتنا الخاصة ويصلصة الشوكولاتة و الجبن الساخنة 15ك.د
بالإضافة الى كيكة الرد فلفيت بالنكهة الأمريكية  10ك.د
واخيرا كيكة الجزر بالكراميل المميزة 10ك.د
للطلب والتوصيل 99981473

5 responses to “Snack Factory

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  2. they all look heavenly!

  3. I did
    It tasted average to me .. The best part is cutting the first piece of the cake and watch the “chocolate lava” coming out of it 🙂

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