PQ -The Avenues- Closed Down

Yes, it closed down in Phase I but is moving to Phase II 😉 Just like I mentioned in my previous post (link) so dont worry!

My twitter friend @A_AlBaDDaH sent me this picture yesterday!

I love PQ and I drop by it once or twice in every two months or so! They serve the best hot chocolate in town in their bowl-like-mug… which I enjoy sipping my hot coco from ❤

I posted thie pic on my BBM and got so many messages – followed by my friend, Shaikha, who went there and tried it herself ❤

Which place serves the best hot coco in Kuwait – in your opinion?


Shake Shack will open in PQ’s Phase I place – Thanks Frankom and @Q80CHEF. (Link)

9 responses to “PQ -The Avenues- Closed Down

  1. According to Mark they will open the shack thing burger there.

  2. Hope it moves to Fountain side

  3. PQ serves one if the best hot chocolate that i tried, i agree with you 🙂

    Thanks for the updates!

  4. PQ serves one of the best hot chocolates i tried. I agree with you 😉

    Thanks for the updates!

  5. starbucks, try their hot coco with irish cream syrup, waaaaauid latheth 🙂

  6. Oh thank god they’re reopening. I love PQ

    Try Caribou’s hot chocolate I think its the best in Kuwait and it comes in 3 flavours white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate

  7. So far, the best hot chocolate in my opinion in Kuwait is in Life with Caco in 360 :)) 9ij yuuuummy

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