Fauchon Burger in Dubai Mall

Last summer I tried Fauchon’s Le Beef Burger and ended up not liking it as much as everyone kept talking about of my friends. So this time, while in Dubai Mall… we were starving and all restaurants were full, Fauchon had some empty tables so we headed there…

I browsed the menu and was kinda puzzled! Our menu in Kuwait contains much more options then their’s! Plus, the burger is called Angus Beef Burger, so I was like why not try it πŸ˜‰

As you can see, the presentation is totally different! (Check the picture of the one served in Kuwait here)

The Dubai one comes in more gourmet like – fancy bun. The beef patty itself is less juicy and thinner but taste better. It comes with a side of thick soft french fries and a special sauce. The salad (lettuce, tomato..etc) comes inside the sandwich when its served

The one in Kuwait is jucier, but the spices in it are not all that. The bun is topped with sesame… I like the fact that they place the salad/condiments on the side. It also comes with a side of medium crispy french fries but with ketchup!

The ideal one should be the love child of both burgers…

Using the bun from Dubai, make the patty juicier like the one in Kuwait but minus the spices. The salad on the side, and have ketchup and that special sauce on the side. The fries remains as is, I kinda liked the one in Dubai more – fresh cut… though it should be crispy like the one we have in Kuwait πŸ˜‰

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