Colbeh Persian Cuisine – London

You can’t miss Colbeh Restaurant when walking by… not because its big or because it has a huge sign out, but because of the smell of fresh bread and kebab that comes out of that restaurant tickling your senses and drawing you into the restaurant! My friend Luluscious lives close by and whenever we walk by Connaught St we get teased by the smell of the food! We finally gave in and went in for dinner – Luluscious is more familiar with their menu 😉 So lets go in…

The restaurant is tiny with squeezed in tables! Not as hip as the restaurants I like to dine-in in London, decorations are meh (heard they renovated), service is okay but really fast, yet the food is fabulous and their portions are generous!

We started of with super fresh homemade-like bread and yogurt dip! It was soft on the edges and a bit crispy in the middle… the way it was perforated makes easier for you to eat the bread in stripes… it was gone in minutes we were super hungry.

Next came in the chicken wings! Spiced just right and tasted good too!

Then came our main course – we ordered the same, Chelo Kebab Koobideh (mine was with zareshk berries)

Everything was perfect! The kebabs were juicy, the rice was amazingly tasty and soft (aromatic too) with me adding butter on top -oh la la- I was in heaven! The grilled tomato on the side complimented every bite I took! It was GOOD! I ate the whole thing! Persian kebabs are my favorite out of all kebabs in the world, and this one hit the spot just right!

I ended up the feast with Persian Ice Cream (I think its called Pastani?) – saffron flavored ice cream – refreshing 😉

As you can see the food presentation is minimal but it was all really good! I also ordered Doug (yogurt drink) while Luluscious ordered soft drink!

Now tell me, dont you agree that the average Persian restaurants in London match up to the fancy ones we have here in Kuwait for some reason!?

The price? Well… I cant really remember but it was really good, It was like GBP18-22 each (tip included)

Also, you can find near by Colbeh some other restaurants such as Cocomaya (bakery)Bombay Palace (Indian), and Masgoof (Iraqi)

Colbeh is located on 6 Porchester Place in London, and their telephone number is: 020 7706 4888/7772


4 responses to “Colbeh Persian Cuisine – London

  1. ee we had lunch their it was just ok
    but the place is realy tiny

  2. Next time ur there try Galleria persian restaurant:)

  3. I forgot to mention it’s in cavendish street, easy to get from marlybone high street. Not a big place, but it serves the best food.

  4. We dined at it last spring break , the food was amazing although the staff were really clumsy and rude .

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