I still have so many posts, travel posts, of my Cairo, London, Syria, and now Dubai trips that I did not fully cover!

Question is… do you want me to finish them one by one or just post them randomly? I am thinking randomly since its easier! But I have so much on my plate… restaurants, places to go to, shopping, sites, and more!

Your input is highly appreciated my dear readers 😉


13 responses to “Question!

  1. Hello Ansam =p .. I do prefer posting them randomly =)

  2. I suggest you post them randomly and write a comment of the place or the name of the rest/cafe 😉

  3. if you post them up all at once to finish them upthe blog’s focus will shift to be on your travels for a while… you will be done but

    instead you can do what i am doing now… designate a day a week -or more- for a travel post o arrange it in advance… this way you can have ready contect pre scheduled for the blog and if you need a little break the blog won’t suffer for lack of content 🙂

    • Bethab6.. thats the plan! On my new blog there is a whole section for travel… bes yaadi leblog elly mu rathy yekhalis wallah 😦 Its jinxed :’-(

  4. Post it any way you prefer but plz mintion where

  5. Randomly

  6. Randomly 😛

  7. U can do them randomly if it makes u feel comfortable
    We love u anyway 🙂

  8. Random! me like surprises! 😛

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