Magnolia Bakery Red Velvet Yummies – Dubai

Dana and I were determined to try the much talked about Magnolia Bakery red velvet cheesecake! Now I have previously tried so many cupcakes flavors from them (link) -including the red velvet cupcakes but not the cheesecake!

My friend Alex told me not to miss the red velvet cheesecake next time I go… So last Friday, after a long day of shopping around we stopped by the bakery and man it was CROWDED! We asked the sales guy for red velvet cheesecakes and guess what he end up giving us?

Yes! Red velvet cupcakes!!!! Not that we minded, they are yummy (yummier than ever since they were fresh out of the oven this time)

Moist, sweet cheese frosting, perfect! Next day… Dana was determined to get the cheesecake and oh boy, she did 😉

Dana! Glad you did! It was AHHHH-MAAYZINGGG!!! She got a box of cupcakes -assorted ones- plus the cheesecakes! Since Noufa missed out the first tasting, she tried it this time with us and almost fainted LOL yeah that’s how much she loved it 😛 She’s a red velvet fan… BIG time 😉 As for Dana, she called it the new love of her life 😉

The red velvet cheesecake was unique and perfectly silky in texture – slides on your tongue! I think the crust was oreo based, I would lose the cream on top and dive into the cheesecake right away!!! Its GOOD even though its not a sweet sweet! You know what I mean?

I really am glad we tried it at last ❤

You can find Magnolia Bakery in Dubai’s Mall LG level inside Bloomingdale’s Home. Price of red velvet cupcake is AED12 and red velvet cheesecake is AED25

Wonder why we dont have red velvet cheesecakes!!

5 responses to “Magnolia Bakery Red Velvet Yummies – Dubai


  2. caramel makes mean red velvet cheese cake.. if magnolia’s was a 10.. then caramel’s a 9

  3. 9adeqtee hathe el red velvet cheesecake… i brought it back home with me ❤
    ehe sej kanat squished eshwaya 3la ma ew9alat home… lakin my fridge had the pleasure of hosting it for one night ❤

    Ma agdar ahed Dubai without red velvets o vanilla cupcakes min Magnolia… lazim atrayag fehom the next day after my arrival!

  4. yarbe gharami w gharam my friends . THE BEST RED VELVET CUPCAKES EVER ❤

  5. red velvet cheesecake!! *heart attack*

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