Armani Hotel Dubai

In case you’re wondering, specially my non-tweet-followers, where I disappeared to this weekend!! Well, I went to Dubai with my favorite cousin and her daughters! It was a very short yet very eventful weekend! We were there on a mission, and the mission was accomplished πŸ˜‰ Other than that… we enjoyed our time to the max and ran into so many family and friends in Dubai Mall!

We arrived Dubai on Thursday afternoon… the plane was kinda full, and the airport was crowded… we headed to our hotel, Armani Hotel Dubai. I have decided to make this my first review of this short trip… so lets go in, shall we πŸ˜‰ ??

The hotel is situated in Burj Khalifa, which is so close by Dubai Mall! We got into the lobby and waited for our lifestyle manager to proceed with the check-in! We were four, so we got two separate rooms on the 7th floor…

Noufa and I stayed in one room – 723! The room was fabulously designed! Everything was luxurious and very Armani-like and and and… very modern! I guess if you are a fan of Armani designs and style, you will love the rooms!

At the entrance there is a coat/luggage closet and a toilet. The designs of which are of course very minimal and elegant in the same time

Then you are in the living room area… I loved the look! Simple and modern! Its just how I like things designed – that if I dont even go simpler LOL (yes I am too simple)

You are connected to the Internet on the hotel WiFi and you have a remote control to basically control everything, from your TV, Internet, entertainments, drapes, door…. etc! You can also contact your lifestyle manager using that remote control – very convenient but kind of slower than I expected…

There is also a desk in the living room – for those on business, with stationary and all things you may wanna need to work or just to sit on πŸ˜›

Then there are sliding door divider between the living room and the bedroom area

As you can see the colors are in harmony and are very relaxing and plain!

The walk-in closet

The bathroom has two sinks, toilet, bathtub, and shower! It was very spacious! I loved it and loved the lighting – which you can also control according to your liking! You can fill the bathtub and just switch the cove lights on for example!!

While our room was mostly in gray-ish colors, the other room was mostly brown (beautiful as well) – I wonder what other colors are available, basic colors that is!

In the living room there is a mini bar/service area with Nespresso machine, coffee capsules, tea bags, tea kettle, fridge with complimentary juices and water bottles – and different kind of berries too! It was so yummy-licious!

All in all, the stay, the trip, the company (I have the most easy going cousins), was amazing! The hotel was fabulous – service at some point was a bit slow, but not disappointing, the staff members were all smiles and friendly you know – helpful but a bit slow at some point like I said… the location is great, we walked to Dubai Mall daily!

Would I recommend the hotel? Yes of course, and I would love to visit it again, but I wanna check out other hotels too you know πŸ˜‰

A.H. I hope you liked the post πŸ˜‰

6 responses to “Armani Hotel Dubai

  1. thank you for your post it was very helpful , I hope you enjoyed your stay there πŸ˜‰

  2. I went to hashi restaurant and the food was amazing… Our waitresse was so into her job and requimended to us excellent choices… One thing that had question marks on my face was that the table next to us had two kids. One about a year and one of about 4. The little one was crying the whole time… And the other one was licking the floor! And his parents did not bother to tell him to behave!
    I thought there is a code for taking children to such restaurants. But apparently not in Armani hotel. I also thought I would see more art work or color… Cuz the decor is dull a little.

  3. lol! ee sa7 i didn’t notice

  4. Cheapest Dubai Hotels

    ARMANI……………….no word……..Awesome……………….even i wear ARMANI brand…..and am FAN also……….

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