Ad – New Zain eeZee Campaigns

What do you think of the new Zain eeZee ads/Campaign (ad/offer link)?

Now I know they say that any publicity is a good publicity, and they really got everyone talking in Kuwait… I still want to know what you think of those ads?

Image from AboFlan

Image from AboFlan

Anyone saw these ads in English? I wonder how they translated’em!?!?

6 responses to “Ad – New Zain eeZee Campaigns

  1. As I comment yesterday at I said no comment! What’s the point takalm kether el6raqat bel mosalsalat kuwaitya! There is no point from this type of add, and not all our kuwaiti mosalsalat feha 6raqat! 😛

  2. Didn’t like it at all ,,,even their previous ones ” 3azizti or 3azizi” very cheape and cheesy as my friend described them

  3. pinkberry lover

    Da3ayat itfashil sar7a oo waid sakhefa oo sajtha ! ma tewaq3aqt sharika mithil zain etswei da3yat eb hal mostwa ilhabe6 !!

  4. to me, everything is some sort of a reflection of the society it comes from. these ads reflect the opinion of the society we live. therefore, the ad wanted to get a message through which, most likely, is true. the other point of view which suggests that this message is not appropriate i would simply ask them whether they would like to live in a censored (or at least self-censored) society or society where everyone that has an opinion behind closed doors, which might be a little offensive to some, can make it a public one?

  5. WAI3..WAI3…WAI3..OO BA3AD WAI3….
    lets be honest, it’s very bad actually its even worst, this reflects on us, chk out bnat zayed they posted about it. ya3ni 5ala9 were going to be known by this? sorry zain in my book you MESSED up REAL BAD!

    p.s: ana ma7i6 ayshay bss 3ashan nass yegroun or talk abt!, a7i6 shay 9ij yiswa oo esharif!

  6. I didnt like it at all. Although the series lately are all about violence and mmm madri too much drama, bas having this on an ad in local newspaper madri sara7a ya Zain plz mo lee hal mostawa!!!
    But I’m fine with تكلم مثل ما يحب القطو الصقور nice, bas with طراقات المسلمسلات الكويتية ya3ni shino testing? Beyestekhefoon damhom? Well, Zain you did a VERY BAD JOB … BAD TESTING WOOOOOH or shall I say it in Kuwaiti 3OOOOOOO3 malat 3alat sa7eb el fekra sij khaysa o sara7a madri min hal manager el athwal elli 3a6ah el approval!!! You did a good job insulting us!

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