We <3 Ruquaya AlQatami

Here comes another KRAFT Philadelphia Competition I urge you to check out again (first one here).

Bibi AlQatami, the granddaughter of Ms. Ruquaya AlQatami sent me an email earlier last week and I wanted to share and spread awareness about the issue!

Philadelphia Arabia is having a competition for the most inspiring woman in the Middle East and her grandmother was picked as one of the three finalist 😉 (link)

The grand prize will be for her organization, Hayat Cancer Foundation, which helps in funding and providing free chemotherapy for adults and children as well as helping them in their medical expenses.

We need all the votes we can get! And she deserves this win because she’s truly a remarkable women who has always put other’s needs and priorities before hers. A true inspiration to us all!!

I believe in this so much – as a matter of fact, I helped selling some raffle tickets for previous GulfRun events for this foundation! Anything for a good cause, right 😉

Spread love… Spread awareness 🙂

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