Dr. Fish Treatment – Now Available in Kuwait?

My friend sent me a link to “LIKE” on one of the pages in Facebook called Fisho Spa Kuwait (link)

According to the info they posted, they are open daily from 10:00AM to 10:00PM  in the Aqua Park on Gulf St (you dont need to pay entry ticket to the park, just go in to the spa) – Ladies only

To book an appointment, call 94099144

And then I read on Q8BlackMarket about another salon called Betty Boop offering the same service! It looks like that it will be the new trend 😉

So I made my calls

Fisho Spa Kuwait (link)

One treatment: KD7-10 for 30 mins

KD7 for 30 mins

KD10 for 45 mins

Betty Boop (link)

Regular is KD12 – 15 mins

Spa Treatment is KD16 – 20 mins with massage and special lotion/cream

Must book an appointment – call 25356064

So…. Anyone tried it yet? How safe is it (check this out)?

To know more about Dr. Fish Treatment, click here!

13 responses to “Dr. Fish Treatment – Now Available in Kuwait?

  1. I tried it in Malaysia once. it’s a bit ticklish.

  2. awww I must try this 😀

  3. Ok I TOTALLY LIKE ! 😉 bs may3thon mo ;p ?

  4. its totally fun girls u should try it 🙂

  5. I’ve read a lot of not so good kinda things about this. Its very popular in china I’ve heard but I also heard and read that their slowly shutting down.

    This might disturb some of you, but I read an heard that some of those fish carry blood from another foot, if they bit too hard or if the person before you had a cut or a wooned. So they spread around diseases to other people. And people were complaining and now lots of are closing down. I’ve read about this in serviral places and I’ve hear this from a tv show, they were talking about the benefits and the not so good stuff.

    And I’m glad I heard those before a family trip to Malaysia, cause my mom wanted to do it, but then she back down after what I told her.

    I’m sorry if this ruins it for some of you.

  6. its totally safe 🙂 i tried it and read about it a lot ,, some dr recommenced it for who has psoriasis “sadfeya”

  7. My husband has psoriasis so this relieves the symptoms a lot. He first tried it in Oman a few months back and found it helped ease the itching and patches drastically. It’s just temporary relief from psoriasis (especially for the feet), but people with psoriasis know any relief is better than none.

  8. I tried it in aqua sheko London
    It was fun! Weird ticklish feeling but worth the experience:)

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