Chocolateness – A Taste of a New Flavor

Last Monday, the very kind team of Chocolateness contacted me to send me their new Chocolateness flavor molten cake….

The next day I got a couple of boxes from them with cinnamon chocolate molten cakes topped with walnuts

We were out for dinner that day, and I told everyone not to order dessert… we came home to find those yummies waiting for us… still warm and fresh out of the oven – perfect timing ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was good! Hmm-hmm kinda good! Those tiny foil cups are the most convenient to satisfy your sugar rush urges specially when they come in their original chocolate flavor! Yes, the chocolate is still my number one choice at Chocolateness… the peanut butter one is the second best!

This one, however, was really good – I love cinnamon! As usual, with their signature presentation, you take the warm cup of foil into your hands, grab the wooden spoon, dig in a piece and let it swim a bit in the sauce below it – bites of heaven! The cinnamon amount is just right, the cake itself is sweet!

I love Chocolateness

Special thanks goes to Mr. Rakan Al Fadala ๐Ÿ˜‰

For more, check their Facebook Page (link)

To order callย 99906890

4 responses to “Chocolateness – A Taste of a New Flavor

  1. its the best …………… chapeau

  2. I really want to try them out, however i’m turned off by the metal foil, i feel it has a metal taste that will clash with my dental fillings, it gives me the shivers !
    do you feel any metal taste?

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